Valentines Day Ideas on a Budget

I want to share some great ideas for Valentine Day and also an idea you can use for birthdays or any occasions.

I know when it comes to any occasion we seem to stress our self out on what we should do, what we should get, how much we should spend and etc. When it comes to gift idea we have to remember it’s not about how much we spend, its what we do and the thought that’s count.

Love is in the Air

We don’t need to break the bank or go poor to show how we feel. Social media and advertising have taught us over the years that going overboard and splurging an expensive gift is the best root to go.

well take a look at this quick and easy gift idea and let me know what you think.

All you need are a few items and walla you get this beautiful gift for him and her.

You will need a keepsake box a Small bouquet of red roses-$2.50, Champagne bubble bath-$2.50, candy-$1.00 all from the Dollar Store. Wine glass and a shot glass I’m pretty sure you have those in your cabinet. Travel size wine and liquor- i would suggest looking in your liquor cabinet to see if you have any, if not you can grab some from the liquor store for under $10.00 bucks. You will need a red printer paper or even some old paper gift tissue paper, and some cute love note you can create and print, it could be as simple as- my life was complete the day i met you or redeem this card for a special dinner or message, spice it up, this is your chance to go wild excited them. P.s – remember you can put other items for other occasions.

Now that you have everything laid out and ready to go lets put it together. Cut up the paper in tiny strip lay them in the box and then had your ingredients (your items) and sprinkle some more of the paper to complete the look close the box and tie a ribbon around it to complete the look. You are ready to surprise your love with a beautiful gift that looks so expensive. Pat yourself on the back because you create something so beautiful while saving at the same time, look how cost-effective this was, plus you didn’t break the bank and no stress on your wallet. Thank you for coming thru and don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know how it when and if you like my idea.

Until next time happy saving my beauties:)

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