Free Workshops for Women

Free, Free, Free yes ladies i said free.

Lets first start off by saying this article is not paid or sponsored, just a girl wanting to share some Free Cost Saving ideas with my beauties 🙂 Grab your coffee and tea and let’s get saving.

Do-It-Herself Seminar

I want to help each and everyone with saving and learning ways to improve your skills and be more self-sufficient.

Do you know that Home Depot and most retailers provide free classes to help you learn some new skills to be more efficient around your household and help to cut cost on hiring Contractors?

I was at the Home Depot and saw that they provide – Do It Herself Semester were you can attend and learn to do a project. They do projects from, How to make a wine rack, how to make a wall shelf, how to install washroom towel racks and etc.

They also provide regular seminars from how to install tiles, laminate, doors, locks, trim moulding, how to patch holes, also seminar showing you how to paint a whole room and items you will need to get started. The one that really grabs me and i thought was amazing for ladies to attend was their annual basement reno, they show you from start to finish how to do a complete renovation and yes people it FREE 🙂

Spring Cost-saving budget ideas

So take a look at these seminars try one out today and let me know in the comment section below what you think. If this interest you check their website out and look under Ideas and How to, also remember to check out other retailer and see what classes they provide. The more you learn the more you save. You will be glad you try it out, this i a great idea just in time for the Spring and that special project you been putting off.

I want to leave you with this little words encouragement- We’re our own failure, we are our own critic. Believe in you and remember we are just as good as anyone else. You can complete that project just bring your idea to a hardware store and get the help to bring it to life. You will feel the sense of accomplishment because you did it on your own and you save a ton while doing it.

Spend smart, save smart and look good doing it 🙂

Project Ideas

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