Have you ever seen a new fashion look and wonder, how would it look on you? Well, that was me when wide-legged pants first starting come back in fashion.


I had fear and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, wondering if it’s going to look good on them, why because we’re too skinny and we don’t have Jlo ass or the body to rock those bad boys. I find I was self doubting before I even try a pair. How could I make all these judgments from self- doubt? So I decided to tackle my fear.

I guess it was meant to be, I was browsing on Dynamite website and remember falling in love with some floral wide legged pant. I was head bend on them, they didn’t have my size, so I set out to find pant.

I remember going to an outlet mall and walked into Dynamite and there they were, in my size last pear waiting for me like it was destiny for us to meet 😁.

IMG_20181208_193511 (1)

I brought them, but I didn’t wear them right away because I still have doubt even though I try them and they look good, but the problem was me, I was worried more about what people would think of them on me.

I finally build up the courage that I was lacking all this time. I put those bad boys on and step out in confidence and in faith that I look damn good.

That day I got so much compliment and I realize it was my own self-doubt that was preventing me all this time.

IMG_20181208_193614 (1)

I try even a wider leg than the first and I love it.

Remember confidence brings you out if you don’t have confidence it will make or break your outfit.

Do you ever wonder why some people can wear the weirdest outfit look damn good or the cheapest outfit look so good- it’s all from CONFIDENCE

So try some wide legged pant today or that outfit you been itching to try. I have attached some pics showing how to transition wide legged pants into springs.

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Until then my beauties look fab and shop smart😁. Please remember to check my other posts.

Outfit- Pant, Jacket & sweater H&M, Purse and necklace-Shein, Boot- Nordstrom and watch- Winners

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