Pad Thai Dish

Is it me or this dish just make your mouth watery.

Before i get into this blog i just want to say this is not sponsor, just my honest opinion and I wanted to share some good food with you all.img_20190222_125638-1

Today I went to lunch with my coworker at Pho Dau Bo( Brampton) I can’t even say the name properly with cursing bad word😂😂. But I have to say the food was de-li-cious I had to pronounce it like that because it was a bomb.

The restaurant is small, settling was nice just the side to feel more at home.

The portion was huge, but i have to say it was a little pricey for lunch but the serving makes up for it. I had the Chicken Pad Thai and my other co- workers had soup and rice with chicken dish, the dishes was season and sauce to perfection. I love the presentation of the dishes and even how they put the peanut to the side to give you the option to add or remove.


I would go back to this restaurant, it was clean, the staff was friendly. I love fact that they don’t hover over you, so you can relax and eat and convert with each other.

If you love Vietnamese dishes try them out you won’t regard it. Also, let me know what you think.

Until next time my beauties eat smart😊

Restaurant is located on Main and Bovaird, Brampton, Ont.img_20190222_125648

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