Are You Feeling The Winter Blues?

I know I am, I just about had enough of this winter. Although I love the beautiful snowflakes and the fake mountains and the lovely scenery it creates, baby I’m over you. On to the next one 🙂

Weather Blues

I find this weather is starting to get to everyone or is it just me. I find people are more on the edge, they are more down and seem to be lacking energy.

Snow Flakes

Well, I’m here to tell you there are ways to fix those feeling, I find on days when i feeling down or out i wear a bright color and it seems to lift my spirit and people who are around me. I know the rule of fashion is bright color in summer and autumn color in winter, but i beg to differ, I believe people who wear bright color in winter seem more upbeat and happy and full of life compared to people who wear darker color.

Sometimes image you are on a vacation in the tropical island laying on the beach and sipping on some Margarita and taking in the sun. Change the lighting in your house, make sure the lighting is bright, dull lighting cause depression. When your home wear some summer outfit, put on some summer songs and make yourself a drink and dance that blues away.

You can beat the winter blues by exercising, keeping yourself active will work as an anti-depressant charm. Do some Diy project around your home, hang out with friends to keep you smiling and your spirit up. Get a massage and a mani-pedi whatever you find work for you.

Winter Blues

If all fails, take a vacation somewhere warm and recoupe and rebuilt.

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