Are you always on the run too busy in the morning to make a healthy smoothie.


Well, busy mommy and everyone, I’m here to help. This smoothie takes less than 2 mins to make before you rush thru the day to start your busy day. The best part of it it’s healthy.


You will need frozen fruits of your choice, i used strawberry banana and kiwi because my kids love it. If you are really busy like me i would recommend you portion fruits in snip lock bag that way you already have it portion and ready to use.


I like the Oasis green smoothie because it already has the green ingredient for busy on the go people, who don’t have time to prepare fresh veggie.

Almond milk and yogurt and I put a banana because it was lying around.

Blend all the ingredients and you’re ready to go, quick and easy. If you have a blender like mines all you need to do is detach and start drinking, you can drink it on the run. Hope you enjoy this smoothie tip drop a comment and let me know how it goes.

Stay healthy, drink smart and keep fit. All the ingredient was under 10 bucks.

Remember shop smart and look fabulous while doing it☺

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