Do we have to be a good Grammer writer or speak proper English in order to become a Blogger or Achieve your dream in life?

I am not good with grammar nor am i with English but i have always love to write.

I remember my English teacher told me I write really good but I write how I speak which is true. I always struggle with grammar but I never make that stop me from writing or doing what I love.

A lot of people don’t pursue their dream or passion because of people proception of them.

I used to be that girl, I recalled an incident with one of my previous boss. He used to make fun of how I speak and how I write. I used to laugh it off to not feel offended but it bothers me because no one had any problem with me all these years until now.

One day I was taking care of an incident with a company, I had to send an email to this person back and forth, I resolve the issue with the company and I send my boss the email to show everything was ok. He read the whole email of me and the other person back to back, he called me in his office he yelled at me for my unprofessional, grammar lacking email. He was so rude and hurtful that i wanted to cry but I told myself right there and then this ignant yes I said ignant in another word this ignorant person doesn’t deserve my tears so I hold it all in.

He told me not to send out anymore email to anyone because I’m making his company look bad. I was so humiliated that I started developing low self-esteem when I talk or even write. I’m not saying he’s not right but there is a different way to go about talking to people about an issue or concerns a he went about it wrong.

I realize after a while I was making this person perception of me taking over my life and making me start lacking confidence I once had in me because he didn’t like the way how I talk or write. I almost didn’t start my Blog because of this person, but I did it.

Not everyone is going to be perfect, not everyone going to be a good writer, but as long as you write and get your point across and people can make sense of what you’re saying that’s the most important thing in life.

A lot of people out there is not good at everything it could be writing or speaking proper English but that never stops them. Take a look at Steve Harver he’s not the best speaker when it comes to proper English, a lot of people didn’t think he would make it because of how he speaks and look he’s a millionaire.

Don’t let people define your life or tell you what you should or should not do, remember it’s their perception of you, not God.

You can be anything in life, you have to believe in yourself and your passion.

I believe in me and that’s why I started my Blog to educate, inspired, uplift and make you look fabulous for less. Until next time remember to believe in yourself and your dreams😁

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