International Woman Day

What Woman Day means to me- Worthy of Many Amazing Noble or Nature.

IWD- Intellectual Worthy Day

Every day is Woman’s but today was marked as our Day, let us embrace it with fierce.

We have come along way to be where we are today, we have overcome a lot of diversity, equal rights, and gender profiling, standing on the sideline, not having a voice and also be told to bow down to our superior and the biggest one of all time labeling us as stay at home mom because that’s our job and the list goes on.

Today we can stand proud alongside men, we are seen when we speak, we are now able to do the same job as men without being judged. We have finally earned her spot in the world.

We still have a long way to go but today we will celebrate each day for the process and all the accomplishments we have made when it comes to diversity and equal rights. The woman is Worthy of many amazing noble. Today I stand proud of being the most independent amazing woman that grace this earth.

Remember without a woman there wouldn’t be kids, a home, a family so as we celebrate today and remember Woman is the foundation of everything without us there wouldn’t be anything. So who runs the world Woman.

Happy Independent Woman Day my sisters

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