March Break Kids Ideas 2019

Hello, everyone! I am here to share a few March Break ideas that are free, but before I get into it let first say this is not sponsored. I just want to share some saving.

March break is around the corner and you don’t know what to do with those busy little ones, don’t worry I’m here to help with some free activities.

1. Home Depot provides free kids workshops all week 10-2pm, that would be great for kids from 4-12 year old. It’s a lot of fun for the kids, with interactive activities, building different items each that they get to take home. Check your local Home Depot for more detail

2. If you around the Brampton area, The Bramalea City Centre Mall has free gaming and craft activities all week for kids. This is fun for kids who love playing games and if they are not into that they can hop over to the craft area and do some crafting.

3. Check out your local libraries they always have a tone of activities available over the match break for kids from all ages.

4. Toboggan is a next fun idea for the family given if the weather keeps up and the snow doesn’t melt. You will just need some toboggan equipment (if you don’t have any equipment use garbage bag) and a hill and you all set. The kids will have a blast and they are outside which is a bonus and getting exercise.

5. Ice Skating is a great idea for the whole family you can check your local area to see where free ice skating is provided.

6. Riverdale Farm is full of activities for the kids, they get to see and pet animals, full with tonnes of things to do and it’s free.

7. Indigo/ Chapters puts on free art and craft activities for the kids during March break

8. Swimming pools are also great activities to also explore this make march. Remember to be safe if you choose this one.

9. Ontario Place is hosting a lot of kids activities this march break and it also free, so check them out for more info.

9. Sugar shack is another great idea for the whole family. But remember this activity gear towards sweets☺.

10. YMCA- check out your local YMCA for their schedule on free activities for this march break

Last but not least kids under 12 ride the bus and train for free. Also if you use your Presto card you can get 20% off Ripley, museum park and etc, so check that out also.

Whatever you decide to do have fun stay safe. Have fun while you save☺

P.s you can check the internet for free march break activities.

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