Have you ever stop and smell the roses? What i mean by this is have you ever stop and really enjoy the scenery around you. Do you really know how beautiful the place you live?

I was looking out my work window and see how beautiful this mountain look with the snow. I know when you see these pictures you might say wow, she lives in a beautiful mountain area but i don’t. These are man-made dirt pile.

With that said look how beautiful and breathtaking it is.

I capture some pictures of our ice storm and i have to say mother nature is so beautiful.

You don’t need to take an expensive trip or travel out of your country to really take in some breathtaking scenery.

Next time you have a moment take a walk and take in the beautiful surrounding you.

Sometimes the last thing we take for granted can be the most beautiful thing we ever imagine. You just have to take a scenery of faith ☺.

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