Shop Your Closet

As spring creeps upon us have you shop your closet as yet?

Before you go on that dreaded spring summer shopping, take some time out and shop your closet.

Go thru your closet and look thru all those clothes you have hanging.

You will be so surprised at how much clothes you haven’t even worn or have tags sticking on them.

We always seem to be shopping for new trends and trying to keep up with the high demands of yourself and others that we forget the important part of our closet.

Have you ever gone out buy pieces just to realize you already have it sitting in your closet?

That happens to me so many time, hints the reason I challenge myself this year to save more and shop less. This will force me to wear what I have. We waste a lot of money per year buying stuff just to have it sitting in your closet or end up in the donation pile or garbage.

Do you know a lot of stores are now buying new or sightly worn clothing or giving you credit so you can use to purchase new clothes? So why are you not selling those clothes you have hanging.

I challenge you all to shop your closet you will be amazed at all the fresh clothes you have and you will thank me later.

Happy spring closet cleaning!!!

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