How often do you go through your lingerie drawers and throw out those old ugly undies or bras you been holding on?



Do you update your lingerie as often as your outfit?

Do you buy sexy lingerie to keep your partner entertain or do you buy according to your comfort?

I spoke to a couple of my ladies about how often they update, one says she updates her undies and bra every time she’s going on vacation. The other said she updates very often and would go out just to do lingeries shopping.

Me, I don’t update my bras and undies that often, but my drawers consist of freak me undies, comfy and my favorite and men worst nightmare Granny undies. Yes, ladies, i said it Granny undies are the ones that say not tonight honey lol who’s with me😂😂

I would say I only buy if I see good sales which are not often, lingeries is not something i would say is on most woman top priority list. Most women get comfortable with the ones they have so they don’t look to update.

I have an issue finding bras that really fit me, they are either too small or too big. I got fitted but for some reason the size recommended doesn’t work for me. My tata’s fall out when i bend over. How much of you has the same problem found your right fit? What do you do when this happens?

I decided I wanted to update my lingerie and get rid of the old ones that have run their courses.

I wanted to change up my drawer gets some sexy lingerie’s, I believe our lingerie is our most intimate part of our life. It’s what gives us self confident, help to bring us out of our shell, basically, it’s very important and dear to our heart.

I wanted to share some lingerie pieces I picked up, let me know what you think, would you wear these.

Remember beauties our lingerie plays a big role in our life as our outfit so choose wisely.

Remember as always shop smart pay less and save.☺☺

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