Who do you turn to when you need to Vent??

A lot of time we come across issues, problem, and life changes in our lives but who can you turn to, to vent.

Who can you count on to be of support to you? Would you turn to a family member, a friend, a lover, your pet or a co-worker?

Lots of people would rather turn to a stranger to Vent then to their loved one or their lover, reason being lot say its because sometimes depending on the situation they sometimes judge the situation and if it’s about someone or a lover the person might make a judgment of the situation and may even starting to disliking the person or someone in the situation.

You need someone who is fair none judgemental, open-minded and will listen with a clear heart. Someone who will be honest and sincere and can differentiate between the person just wants to vent, clear there mind or just need some good advice.

Not everyone can do that for someone, sometimes you have to be aware and realize some people will pretend to be that person because they just want to know your business and looking for stuff to use against you, talk about you behind your back or even to make them feel better about their life.

I have two friends I can always call on when I am in need of Venting or just want to clear things off my chest. I can talk to these two people and they always give me honest advice, they never judge me or never used it against me.

They never ever get tired of me venting or hearing the same thing over and over again.

I used to vent to my family member and I realize they were taking what I told them to judge me and the situation at the time, it was hard because all I wanted was just an ear to listen but it was becoming more.

I had to stop and become more aware of who I vent to and who I talk to.

We all need someone in our life that we feel comfortable in who we talk to about our darkest secret, a relationship issue, family problem, even work situation or just to clear your head.

Whoever it is I hope their intention is true and they have your best interest at heart.

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