Going Back To The Same Thing

Do you find yourself keep going back to the same things whether its relationship, the same routine, the same outfits, eating the same food and doing the same damn thing?

Do you find it hard to kick these bad habits or change the way you do things? that because we become complacent in our everyday life.

We become very, please in our regular routine that we never try to change or experience something new.

One would say this is becoming the new norm, people are getting too comfortable and we are lacking the motivation within to change. We tend to not want to see the reason to change, we get up every day and ride the same wave without putting in the effort.

We got stuck in our own ways because of fear, lose faith in oneself, regrets, set back, lack of self-confidence, afraid of changes and the biggest one what society might think of us or how we might portray in their eyes.

We are taught from an early age by our parents and society to live a certain way carry yourself in a respectful manner. Even though we truly didn’t get a valid reason to why and we never understand what that means we never seem to question out of respect and it might seem rude.

But think about it how different would you be if you stop being complacent and start living

Would you try all the things you always wanted to do and more than you were too scared to try?

Would walk away from that dead-end job, that unhealthy relationship you are stuck in, start that business you been procreated for years, getting that gym membership you always wanted, take that trip you were dying to do and more.

Life is full of surprises and there is so much out there, but we all just have to have a little faith.

I realize over the years since I start trying something new that I have learned so much about me. Things that I use to think I would never like i actually do.

I start traveling, taking more spontaneous trip and living in the moment than watching time passing me by. I become a more free spirit person, I open my mind to more opportunity.

What is something you wanted to do or try but you been scared to? I always wanted to try sushi I finally try it and now I realize why people go crazy for it, it’s really good.

I always wanted to try a bodysuit and a fringe belt outfit but was nerve to I try out the outfit and it’s really cute.

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We need to stop being so complacent and start living, stop going back to the same thing, stop doing the same routine, stop being so damn predictable and start trying.

Do something new today, start surprising yourself

and stop going back to the same thing.

Let me know how you feel and how it’s working out for you.😊😊

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