Are People Petty for Wanting Thier partner compliments?

I overheard a guy telling his partner she is petty because she got upset at him for not acknowledging her or giving her a compliment on how she looks.

Woman love compliments especially when it’s coming from the one she loves, vice versa man love compliments too. It’s good to give your partner compliments at times especially when they least expect it, it keeps the relationship spicy and also avoids stranger compliments have any impact on your relationship because you’re partner already use to hearing it from you.

It’s not petty for your partner to want to hear you tell him or her, they look lovely and loves up on each other a little.

People are losing intimacy in their relationship because of echo, man doesn’t want to let their, partner know they’re looking good because of the fair it might get to her head, a woman doesn’t want to let their partner know they look good because they are afraid they might get full of themselves and cheat.

Why is it petty when you express your feeling or concern to someone regarding what you want or need from your partner in a relationship.

People should feel free to express what they want out of their partner instead of being scared. Whether the person desires a compliment, affection, support, gifts or etc whatever it is, each person should be open to listen and compromise with each other and find a common ground without name calling or putting each other down.

People need to respect their relationship and realize what might seem like not a big deal to you might be to someone else. Sometimes the simple things you do in your relationship can make a big difference in both of your life.

Be more mindful and understanding to each other feeling and expectation.

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