There Is Nothing Wrong With Loving “YOURSELF”

People have this misconception of what it means to love Yourself and putting you first at times.

We all need to build our mind, body, and soul mentality physically and emotionally in order to give our loved ones the love and support they needed.

People tend to get mad whenever someone speaks out on taking care of themselves, putting themselves first and taking a break from their families.

We think when people take a break they are being selfish, they are all about themselves, No they are not, they are doing what works for them to revive and regroup.

Do you ever take a look at a person who never takes a break or time for themselves? they are burned out, stress out and even at time miserable. They are the ones who burned out faster than others and always the one to snaps easily at families, friends, and even strangers.

Life is full of ups and downs we experience life’s changes, sometimes life gets to be too much so we as people have to find ways to keep loving yourself and keep our mind free of stress if that’s mean to take a break for yourself. Going on a trip alone to rebuild, go to the spa whatever it takes find something that works for you and not others, stop looking for approval from others because you will be disappointed.

Live for you and remember its ok to be selfish sometimes, and love you and spoil you after all you deserve it๐Ÿ‘Œ

So today my lovelies, dig deep inside and reflex on your life and think of ways to feed that beautiful mind, body, and soul of yours.

Love your damn self, remember you can’t truly give love if you don’t learn first to truly love you.

You cannot find true happiness within until you learn about you.

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