Don’t Wait for Time to Enjoy Life!!

I saw this quote the other day and it stood out to me.

“Don’t let a job stop you from living because they will post your job online faster than your obituary.”

This stuck to me and got me thinking, why because I see a lot of people put their lives on hold whether it’s for families, jobs, kids or etc, that we seem to miss out on the important stuff in life. We need to take a break and smell the beautiful roses that in front of us, which is life.

You can’t wait on time or some major life changes like illness to live because life ain’t waiting on us. You have to find time and make time for you, don’t let people, bills, work or fear stop you from enjoying the one life you were given.

Stop making excuses for not doing the things you want to do, you want to travel, travel, you want to treat yourself to something nice treat yourself, you want to take a vacation or staycation do it. Whatever you want to do, do it don’t put life on hold because of a job do it because you want to not because you were told by your boss or someone you can’t. We are all entitled to a break, so why not take it.

We always use bills and money as excuses for not doing what we want to do, why not do something about it instead. Save if you have to, make little adjustment in your daily lifestyle to make these things happen. Make a commitment with yourself to put you first not your job and hold yourself accountable for your action. Cut out on unwanted spending to work towards your plan. I believe each and everyone can do anything in life as long as you put your mind and soul to it. So put a plan in place today and execute it, don’t wait till its too late then you say I shoulda, coulda.

Remember don’t be that person in the Quote Life hunnie after all it’s your life to live 🙂


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