The One Uppers

I know you all wondering what is a One-Upper, a one-upper is someone who feel the need to outdo you in everything- one-up on you. Sometimes they might not realize they are doing it and other time they do it intentionally because they always in competitions to outdo others.


It stems from anything from attentions to materialistic things to relationship and etc they always feel the need to be ahead of everyone.

I know we all have someone like that or have someone like that in your circle. Have you ever gone to a party and you walk in the room just kool, but then that one person show up and they have to top you by having that one upper, so they walk in and make a scene so all attention is on them. You ever have that one person you go out with and you see something you like and all of a sudden they like it too, you get a house they have to get a bigger one, if you buy a car they have to buy one more luxurious, you buy a purse they have to up yours, you get a man they get one to top yours, they always want to outshine you. People like those you have to stay away from because they always want to complete with someone.


They will do any and everything to always be a step ahead of someone, people like those you run from because they are not good. They don’t realize they are born with materialistic ways and that’s the only thing that makes them happy, take it all away and you will see that they are bitter and unhappy and just competing with

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