Mexico Vacation 2019 Resort: Sandos Caracol Eco Family Resort

Mexico is a beautiful country surrounded by beautiful ocean and friendly people.

I know people have their perception of Mexico but I have to say it’s not a bad place to visit plus depending on where you go it’s also safe. You just have to stay on the resort, but if you’re planning to go off just go back when it’s getting dark or make sure you are with people that will keep you safe.

If you are planning to do excursion make sure you plan with trustworthy people that operate on the resort, you are staying at that will take you to and from safely.

Do your research- number one before you plan to book your trip. Read the reviews of the resort to see how others experience was. , research the area the hotel is located to make sure it is safe. To be honest, I look at life like this anywhere you go in this world has it’s good and bad, you just have to be mindful and keep yourself out of arms. Don’t let what you hear stop you from experiencing Mexico and the beautiful scenery goes with it. Life is all about experiences and you have to experience life and what it has to offer.

With that said I will share a little about where I stayed in Mexico and my overall reviews and experiences and if I would go back and visit or even recommended. I stayed at the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort in Riviera Maya, the resort was beautiful and what I love most about Sandos – it’s a Nature Resort. Keep in mind the resort charges an Eco fee. They have all different types of animals- from Monkey, Sheep, Iguana lizard, Mexican raccoon, Turkey, blackbirds, bees and etc habitats on the resorts. They have three natural spring ponds with fishes and turtles you can swim or snorkel in.

You can stroll the resort grounds while taking in the beautiful breathtaking views of the forests, while you’re exploring the nature right in front of you. Kids an adult can enjoy huge waterpark, lazy river and pools. They have bike trails on the grounds that you can use to go for bike riding, you can go scuba diving in the nature spring waters , you can take lover boat ride, feed the animals and lots more.

This hotel has so much to offer for you and the whole family from a huge kids clubhouse that caters to kids from 2-12 years and open from 10-10pm with lots of activities to keep the kids busy, while the parent can have some quality time alone. This hotel has so much to offer that you don’t really need any excursion off the site unless you want to check out the Mexican historic.

They have seven restaurants to feast from with each restaurant carry different ethnic foods to choose from. They provide the guest with the free shuttle into town so they can spend the day shopping at the market. You can go on the onsite Eco tour so you can learn more about their Ecosystem and what they are doing to keep their hotel Eco-friendly.

There are so much to do and so much to explore that I can only sum up the basic in this blog. I gave this Hotel a Five out of Five because it was way above my expectation and I would recommend this hotel for everyone to check out and experiences all the beautiful wonders. I would definitely go back to this hotel again.

Until next time my lovely have fun and travel safely.

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