Life Lesson- Achievement

Life may not have worked out in the way you plan it, maybe you wanted a six-figure job, a big house with a white picket fence, a luxury car and a bank account full of money. Don’t feel embarrassed, don’t feel down or afraid to go around people and talk about what you achieve because doing so will encourage you, stop thinking you’re like a failure, you are not a failure things just taken a little longer than planned but no need to be a shame, God, not done with you yet, your time will come. God will bless you more when he sees you accept and believe in you, stop getting discouraged you already achieve a lot already, look at all the things you have.

Life is not about what you have, or how much in your bank account, it’s about getting up each day and being thankful. Lots of people don’t have the opportunity you got so use it wisely and stop worrying about what people think of who you can impress and focus more on how you can make you proud.

Stand proud in all you do, stand firm a message from me to you. Someone needed to hear this, this morning 🌅.