Being a mom

The word mom is a very powerful word and one of the most important word on earth.

Being a mom is the most beautiful blessing you can ever given, but it can also be very time consuming and stressful.

Being a mom is not something that you go to school and learned or a handbook that given to you the minute you got pregnant to start studying and preparing for what ahead.

It’s a hard job being a mom and it comes with a lot of work, life changes, sacrifice and you get scrutinized for everything you do. Society believes once you have kids your life is over you can’t do the things you wanted to do, no more parties, hanging with your friends, taking trips or having alone time and the lists go on.

The truth is yes something change, your mindset on life changes because now you have to cooperate with your kids in any decision making. Every decision making or life changes involved them. Your career change in the sense that working late or taking a job that might have you traveling for months at ends or relocate might have to rethink. Your social life changes because after a long day of working and taking care of kids you might want to hit the sack instead of hitting the town. Your single friends start to change because you are a mom and you can’t keep up with them like before, some might not want to hear about poopy diapers and kids story. Your alone time is cut because kids love to be all up in your space, you go to the washroom, they are right there with you, you lay in your bed they cuddle up beside you. Having alone time may come at some expense, you might have to take a day from work or book a girls weekend away, whatever works for you to regroup and reset.

I was reading an article the other day with a mother asking if she’s a bad mom if she takes alone time, plus her husband not making it any better by telling her she’s a bad mother for wanting to be away from her family. When I read this article I feel so bad for the mother and I don’t know her, I thought to myself how could her husband think she is selfish for wanting some alone time. She has the right to have time for herself, she is entitled to her time just like a husband or anyone else’s. She is not a bad person, she is human and humans have feelings and have the right to take time for her.

I always find people or even your love ones always want to judge you for needing to be alone. No one should judge a mom for wishing to have some time for themselves to feel alive. Having and taking care of kids requiringg lot of work and it takes a lot out of a person to take care of kids 7 days a week 365 days out of the year, plus holding down a full-time job and even going to school other things.

One of the things I have learned over the years is that no one gives mom sympathy or even ask how we are or if we are ok or if we need some help. Everyone always assumes moms all over the world got it together, I’m here to say it, yes some might have it together and yes there are some that need help. Single mom/ mom dads out there holding it down for absent mom/ dads and ones who are away doing service for their country.

So check on your friends offer a helping hand you never how much you just help someone.

Whether it’s mom dad or mom’s everyone needs a break at times to be normal. Stop making people feel bad for wanting to kick it with their friends, going to the spa or even going out for a drink. Having kids doesn’t mean people life or over it just mean you have to change up your life but still leave room to live and have time for you.

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