Corona Virus- My Thoughts

Everywhere we turn these days we seem to hear and see this word more than normal.

People are in a panic, buying and isolation mode, we are told we not supposed to hug, touch or even be close space with someone because at this point you are not sure who is infected or not. You can’t even sneeze or cough in public without someone giving you the death stare.

The world is in a state of emergency everyone has a theory of what happening and how we can prevent this virus, but the truth of the matter is they all really don’t. We were told to wash our hands, keep, our distance, stay inside this will prevent us from catching this virus but is this true, because I still seeing innocent people catching it and the death toll keep climbing, making me think this virus is much stronger then hand sanitizer, washing hands or keeping your distance.

A virus outbreak has been going on for years now and no one can ever tell us the truth of how these viruses come about and what causes these outbreaks to happen. Where did Sars, Ebola, Aids and etc come from? Every time there is an outbreak, they told us it was caused by animals or some lame-ass excuses?  People, you all need to wake up. Animals as been used by medical lab for years to run medical testing to see how they would react to drugs and certain diseases. They always have this theory whether we like it or not that people are just like an animal. A lot of diseases was made by or own mankind to see how our body would react to chemical and virus. 

We see a lot of movies each year created and base on the outbreak, the the the spread of diseases and quarantine, people were forced to lock inside, shut away from the world or even fled the town that was once used to call home because of it now a diseased town. When we watch these movies, we never seem to take it seriously, we just look at it as just a movie, but the truth is these are stuff happening around the world that are been a cover-up, so we never see our hear about it. Everything we watch in the movie is what happens in real-life, take a step back and really think deep how much time have you ever watch a movie and when you finish watching you can relate a life situation to it (think).

One of the biggest reasons we don’t think of these things is because we all become so social obsess that we tend to forget the important things in life our health, family, life and everything else that going on around me. Coronas virus has become a social media gimmick use to distract us on how serious this virus is. They create social media gimmick to distract us and make us believe that things are not as bad, and we should not think it’s far worst then they are, and once again we buy in the foolishness including me. Ask yourself how long was Corona virus been affecting people and why are we now just knowing about it, when people were getting affected in China why did they waited so long to alert us, it’s because it as spread so rapidly and out of control that they couldn’t hide it from us anymore and also because too much people was dying and getting affected.

We need to take this seriously and; we need to be wiser when it comes to things happening around us. We must think about our self or family and even our friends. 

Never believe things are not serious as they make it seem because 100% of the time once it reaches outside and they have to notify us of the disease, that means they can’t contain the virus and it now becomes severe.

I can speak more on how I really feel about this but for right now I will keep my thought simple.