Health and Retail Workers ( We Salute You)

Through every disaster there is a lesson to be learned by everyone, some might get it some might not.

I have learned so much from this Pandemic crisis we have going on. 

 I have learned people don’t take things seriously, they don’t care about each other, everyone is out for themselves, people only miss things when their privilege is taken away. 

One of my biggest wakeup call and lesson learned is that I have so much respect and gratitude for all the Health and Essential Retail workers that are standing on the front line each and every day risking their lives for each and every one, they don’t have to do it, but they do.

I believe that Health and Retailer workers don’t get the respect and pay they truly deserve and no one really sees how hard they work and all the services they provided and the risk they take each and every day for us to he safe, healthy and have all the supplies and essential that we need.

These people should be paid top dollars for what they do, but instead they don’t, employer look down on them when it comes to wages and pay the top rank more money for less work.

All employer should look into themselves and realize who keep your doors open each day and who was ready to work even with the fair in their eyes and million of question and concern going through their mind.

When emergency is happening in the world who are the first on the frontline ready for action and ready to provide the best service to everyone’s? the one who gets pays less and no respect.

We should fight for more wages and more insensitive for these workers after this pandemic is over, they should be rewarded and salute for the outstanding service they have done to help keep this crisis under control.

So today when you go out to pick up groceries, other emergency supplies or even happen to go to the doctor rather then get mad and give people attitude take a minute to thank these people for putting their life’s and the life’s of their families on the line to make sure you are ok.

To those amazing people- I respect each and every one of you and I salute your courage and strength through this uncertainty continue to stand strong, be brave and keep saving lives. 

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