Working From Home and Being A Parent

Being a working parent is a hard job especially on moms because they are the one that do the must when it come to the family. They always try to balance their work life while taking care of kids, which can be very draining, but somehow, they seem to keep it together on a day to day basic.

During these uncertain time, some of us have been forced to work from home which is putting a lot of pressure on family and single parents. It is not easy to work from home while dealing with kids, working from home can become a double job for parents because while you are home you must multitask while doing your job and tending to your kids at the same time. Children don’t seem to get it when a parent warns them that they must keep qu1iet and pretend mommy or daddy not here. In their little mind, they are like- whaaat! but you are sitting right there! and I can see you guys. So, they will come and bother you, ask if you want to play and any and every little thing to keep distracting you. I know a lot of parents right now are struggling to stay focus while working but don’t lose faith. It seems as if this is going to last for a while so why not come up with ways to incorporate your kids in your daily working schedule.

These are a few tips I found work with my two kids ranging from 5 to 14years old.

  1. Get your kids involve in your work, give them a run down of what you do when you’re not at home. 
  2. Pick a work area that’s not in your bedroom, working in your bedroom might give the kids ideas that you are not doing anything important. I picked my living room that way I am still available to them and I can keep an eye while I work.
  3. Let them know your schedule from the time you started to when you take lunch and when you’re finish that way, they will keep in mind that mom and dad are busy and not available
  4. Take lunch together that way you can have family time and take a break to give them some attention.
  1. play imaginary game with your kids, let them act as if they are the boss and they are putting you to work, kids love that.
  2. The one I love the most is I make my 5 years old daughter sit beside me and do some activity work book while I work, this way it keep her busy and distract her for a while, while I work and the best thing she is learning win, win
  3. I gave my older son housework that he must do each day he wakes up to keep him busy, washing the dishes, learning to make is breakfast and taking out the garbage. Whatever you feel work for you in this case.
  4. We create schoolwork for my son, he must find a new word every day and write a paragraph on that word.
  5. One thing I find work for me to keep down the noise and fight with my kids I keep them separated from each other for half the day, that way I can work in quiet and the kids compete their task
  6. Come up with an end of work idea with the kids on how they would like to close your workday example (a cheer or even a silly dance) whatever you decide to make it fun.

This is a trying time for everyone, just remember to take the time to have fun, spend time with your family and make the best of it because it seems as if this is going to be lasting for a long time. Try not to stress and think of ways to make this work out for you and your family, even if you must come up with a schedule and a routine to keep things together and avoid you getting burn out and frustrated. Remember to still make time for yourself even if it just a stroll down the street or even in your backyard, do the necessary to keep you sane.