Who To Blame

If someone steps out of his or her relationship because of the lack of attention and loneliness etc; who is to blame? The person who commits the act?

If that person as brought up these issue to their partner about how he or she is feeling and what’s missing from their relationship and the other partner shove it off, so to fill the void that is missing he /she step out, should that person be reprimanded for what he/she did? If they address the issue before the act was done with no result.   

A lot of time we seem quick to be very judgmental toward people who cheated and step out of their relationship because we don’t know the true reason why nor the story behind the affair.

I don’t condone or agree with cheating nor do I support people stepping out of their relationship, because my philosophy is if you are not getting the attention you deserve or you are not happy and your relationship is missing something walk away before you hurt each other.

But at the same time, we must play devil advocate in some situation when he/she base their problems about their feeling and the other partner fail to do something about it and put the other partner feeling or concerns into consideration. In this case both his to blame but more the partner who fails to comprehend the issue and do something about it at the time issue was presented.

A lot of times we tend to shove off partner concern and issue because we tell ourselves that they will never leave, they will never cheat, until it too late.

They are the ones that send their partner straight in the arms of someone else who will fill the void and do the things they were yearning.

P.s – for the partners that cheated I believe you could have found something to occupied your time if sex was the issue – you could of purchase some sex toy to keep you entertained until the issue fix, or even seek out professional help like a counselor to intervene and try to fix the issues at hand or even taking a break from each other to regroup.

If all fail and nothing work walk away before you cause more harm and bring someone else in you mess that don’t deserve it.

3 Replies to “Who To Blame”

  1. Thank you for following George McNeill Photography. I start with this post has i can relate to it. Sometimes in life the people who got married change over time. The relationship changes and there comes a point where you are like strangers, just going through the motion of life. There is no fault for no one can predict the future because we all change over time. When you both agree the time to part has arrived. Be kind and gentle, sort your belongings. Move on and don’t forget the years you loved, shared the ups and downs. Laughed and cried. Stay friends.
    If you leave it till one is cheating or abusive you left it to late. The relationship was finished long before this.
    The simplest thing is, learn to talk even if all fails. You can still agree to remain friends.
    I know I have been there.


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