Living your Truth

Have you ever sit and reflect and ask yourself, Am I living my truth?

If you should write your obituary what would you want it to say about you?

Did you live the life you always wanted?

Did you do all the things you wanted to do?

Have you Experience life the way you wanted to?

How much risk did you take?

Did you love with all your Heart?

Did you put money aside for your Family incase something happen to you?

Do you have a will?

Did you truly Live?

Have you forgiven?

Have you unwrite your wrong?

There is so much things I can write but I will just leave these ones for now because I believe you get my point.

Sit down when you have a chance and write your story and when you do I hope you are happy with what you write.

Only you have the key to unlock each chapter of your life, to re-write, undo, and fix any wrongs or regret, and remember you have the key to lock everything in a safe place until you are ready to share with others.

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