Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Veggies and eggs Breakfast

This takes less than 20 mins to make.

Cut up bok choy, spinach, yellow and red pepper, onion and tomatoes.

In a saucepot pour some oil let it heat then add a teaspoon of garlic butter, let it melt then add your veggie to pot with chicken seasoning, salt and black pepper.Let it saute for 2 minute then pour out in a bowl.

Add more oil to the pot then add eggs once cook, place on a plate with veggies add avocado, bananas and garnish with some hot sauce (optional), then enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

Words Have Power

How much of us remember these words growing up – Stick and Stone may break our Bone, but Words can’t hurt us.

Well, I’m here to set the record straight and let you know words can hurt you even your own. Words can cut deep, it can also affect others and your outcome in life, even how you view yourself and others.

Remember words are powerful as any weapon it can cut like a knife 🔪, and sting like a bee. People use it as a tool to hold people back or even bring destruction in someone’s life.

We need to be mindful with the words we use towards our kids, partners, loved ones and even strangers.

Whatever we speak out in the universe is what manifests and also receives, we need to use powerful motivational and influential words when it comes to our life, future, career, families and even our kids.

If you speak negative words then you are opening the doors for negativity. You talk bad about yourself or someone else’s, then bad things will follow. If you speak fruitful words, then fruits 🍓 will manifest.

Do you ever realize when all these successful people tell their stories they start by saying I envision my life at an early age and I had a vision and I put a plan in action to make it a reality.

We sometimes don’t realise that we tend to use our own words and put curse on our own self.

I realize what I want out of life and how I wanted my life to be, then I speak it in existence? I wake up every day telling myself everything will come together and fit in place. They never give up when times were hard, they keep pushing themselves and keep remaining themselves, that this will manifest. We have a little hiccup but those are minor things, nothing will stop me from accomplishing my dream. They never speak negatively about their dream or let people negativity stop what they want. They always speak positive words and stop hanging around people who speak badly about their dreams.

We need to stop thinking about negative notions, stop talking negatively about ourself and break and speak positive words every day.

As parent we need to stop name calling our kids, we need to speak positive words even when we are mad. I know a lot of us are guilty of this even myself when we call our kids bad words- like dumpass, stupid, jackass, ignorant, slow, uneducated, not going anywhere in life, waste of time, you are just like your idiot dad and etc. We are branding our kids at an early age to think down of themselves, they will then start to believe they are that person and when things don’t work out they will always reflect back on the bad things his or her parents, friend and families told them and start believing they were right.

Stop ✋ think and regroup before you utter any words to anyone think how will my words affect his or her life. Remember Speak volume and Words Have Power.

Life Lesson- Achievement

It’s not what we have that make us Achievers.

Getting the chance to wake up each day that’s a blessing, being able to turn a lock and key, having somewhere warm to lay your head, food to eat that’s a blessing and an achievement. Remember not because you don’t own a house, a car and you haven’t achieved your goal doesn’t make you a non- achiever. Your biggest accomplishment is the ability to keep going after your dream with the intention of one day you will succeed and not giving up along the way.

Cuffing Season- When Is It

Winter should be the time you start shopping or even considering your cute winter outfits, winter boots are even looking for your favorite warm drink or desert but instead, this is the time lots of folks shopping for Cuffing partners to get through the buzzard season.

How much of you are guilty of this? Shopping or considering a winter buddy or cuddling partner to get you through the cold ❄️ dreadful winter?

Cuffing seasons normally start around October to March, which is why I thought this is the best time to write this article.

When cuffing season starts people start to rethink been single and start thinking about what they want from there cuffing partners and what they are looking for to get them through the winter holiday season. These people 👫 will have lots of rules and contract to what they expect from their winter partners, they are not looking for anything long term or any commitment.

There are even resources and apps out there that give you information on cuffing season, and even provide you with lists of questions to ask and what to expect.

Lots of people don’t want to go through the winter and holiday season alone. So they will look for someone they can cuddle up with, spend time and do things with to get them through the holiday. These things as becoming very big for single folks, they will go to the extreme and even make it a mission to find someone as soon as possible before the cold days come up against us.

Cuffing normally lasts through the winter season and as soon as the weather becomes warmer they will break it off and go back to being single again.

So if you are single and don’t want to spend that dreadful cold night and days alone maybe you should consider looking into Cuffing who knows you might find someone to get you the winter season and those dreadful holiday party and events.

Whatever you all decide have fun and stay warm.

End of Summer Lookbook

Hello my lovely, I put together a lookbook of some of my summer outfits.

I know we all not ready for fall 🍁 but there is nothing we can do but embrace it as it spring upon us.

Enjoy my look book and I will see you in the fall 🍁 when I share my next look.

Stone wash skirt with white bodysuit and pink sweater + white sneaker
White dress shirt with cut jean and snake print bag + shoe
Purple tank top with jean and purple puma
With tank top and a red overall
Red open back bodysuit with white jean and slippers
Floral crop top with cut up gray jean and Nike sneaker
Jean jacket and tie-die maxi dress
Blue Jean dress pear with some blue glasses
Yellow dress pear with floral shoe

My absolute favorite outfit for this summer – wide-leg khaki pant pear with a leopard top and a nude shoe.