Life Lesson- Achievement

It’s not what we have that make us Achievers.

Getting the chance to wake up each day that’s a blessing, being able to turn a lock and key, having somewhere warm to lay your head, food to eat that’s a blessing and an achievement. Remember not because you don’t own a house, a car and you haven’t achieved your goal doesn’t make you a non- achiever. Your biggest accomplishment is the ability to keep going after your dream with the intention of one day you will succeed and not giving up along the way.

Cuffing Season- When Is It

Winter should be the time you start shopping or even considering your cute winter outfits, winter boots are even looking for your favorite warm drink or desert but instead, this is the time lots of folks shopping for Cuffing partners to get through the buzzard season.

How much of you are guilty of this? Shopping or considering a winter buddy or cuddling partner to get you through the cold ❄️ dreadful winter?

Cuffing seasons normally start around October to March, which is why I thought this is the best time to write this article.

When cuffing season starts people start to rethink been single and start thinking about what they want from there cuffing partners and what they are looking for to get them through the winter holiday season. These people 👫 will have lots of rules and contract to what they expect from their winter partners, they are not looking for anything long term or any commitment.

There are even resources and apps out there that give you information on cuffing season, and even provide you with lists of questions to ask and what to expect.

Lots of people don’t want to go through the winter and holiday season alone. So they will look for someone they can cuddle up with, spend time and do things with to get them through the holiday. These things as becoming very big for single folks, they will go to the extreme and even make it a mission to find someone as soon as possible before the cold days come up against us.

Cuffing normally lasts through the winter season and as soon as the weather becomes warmer they will break it off and go back to being single again.

So if you are single and don’t want to spend that dreadful cold night and days alone maybe you should consider looking into Cuffing who knows you might find someone to get you the winter season and those dreadful holiday party and events.

Whatever you all decide have fun and stay warm.

End of Summer Lookbook

Hello my lovely, I put together a lookbook of some of my summer outfits.

I know we all not ready for fall 🍁 but there is nothing we can do but embrace it as it spring upon us.

Enjoy my look book and I will see you in the fall 🍁 when I share my next look.

Stone wash skirt with white bodysuit and pink sweater + white sneaker
White dress shirt with cut jean and snake print bag + shoe
Purple tank top with jean and purple puma
With tank top and a red overall
Red open back bodysuit with white jean and slippers
Floral crop top with cut up gray jean and Nike sneaker
Jean jacket and tie-die maxi dress
Blue Jean dress pear with some blue glasses
Yellow dress pear with floral shoe

My absolute favorite outfit for this summer – wide-leg khaki pant pear with a leopard top and a nude shoe.

Are Churches the New Money Maker

Before I get into my Blog I first want to say my intention is not to put no one on blast nor I’m I here to put Churches on the chopping block, I am just here to express some concerns and shed some light on what going on around us.,

Church to me growing up was a place of worship, a place you go to feel closer to God, a place where you bring your troubles and leave feeling better. The church doesn’t uphold any ungodliness like gambling, drinking or any profanity words or music.

The church was supposed to be a place you can go to get rid of your sins and feel at home with no judgment and where you should be able to ‘come as you are ‘as per the Bible but at the same time, you have to be mindful.

I realize over the years this philosophy as change and the rules have been thrown out by lots of churches. Some peachers are just teaching God’s words for money and not for the true intention.

Some of these churches don’t feel like home anymore its all about money making or what they can gain from the congregation.

Back in the day’s churches use to give back to their community, they use to give food to poor, help a family in need, support kids that are in school to further their education, they use to pour the money they collect back into helping less fortunate or even homeless youth or families but you hardly see that anymore.

They collect money but you don’t see where it going. Seeing this at times may change your outlook and how you feel about church.

I think the church should provide their congregation with a monthly financial and overview of what they are doing with the money how it’s been spent and where the money going. It should be public record for anyone to access.

If you look at some of these pastors they are balling like a celebrity wearing expensive suits and shoes to church, I’m not saying you can’t look good or wear expensive clothing but make sure you can show the receipt. You can’t be balling and your congregation is struggling to make their ties. Pastors have to set an example and not make their congregation feel comfortable and don’t think anything.

How can the church be preaching on people living unGodly lifestyle partying, smoking and listening to unGodly music on Sunday, but will rent their hall out to these people to host their event right there in your church hall? because they can make a few bucks. What kind of example or you setting for our younger


I am really saddened by the way things are going around some of the churches and all the bad stuff that are taken places inside the church, it’s like no one safe at these places.

I applaud the ones that upkeep their culture and follow the scripture and upkeep the culture. keep doing the right thing.

I will close by saying just be more mindful when it comes to picking a place of worship, please do your research and even background check on the pastor, see what the church about and what they stand for, even see how they spend the money and if they can account for every penny.

Have a blessed day my fellow peeps😊😊