Are Churches the New Money Maker

Before I get into my Blog I first want to say my intention is not to put no one on blast nor I’m I here to put Churches on the chopping block, I am just here to express some concerns and shed some light on what going on around us.,

Church to me growing up was a place of worship, a place you go to feel closer to God, a place where you bring your troubles and leave feeling better. The church doesn’t uphold any ungodliness like gambling, drinking or any profanity words or music.

The church was supposed to be a place you can go to get rid of your sins and feel at home with no judgment and where you should be able to ‘come as you are ‘as per the Bible but at the same time, you have to be mindful.

I realize over the years this philosophy as change and the rules have been thrown out by lots of churches. Some peachers are just teaching God’s words for money and not for the true intention.

Some of these churches don’t feel like home anymore its all about money making or what they can gain from the congregation.

Back in the day’s churches use to give back to their community, they use to give food to poor, help a family in need, support kids that are in school to further their education, they use to pour the money they collect back into helping less fortunate or even homeless youth or families but you hardly see that anymore.

They collect money but you don’t see where it going. Seeing this at times may change your outlook and how you feel about church.

I think the church should provide their congregation with a monthly financial and overview of what they are doing with the money how it’s been spent and where the money going. It should be public record for anyone to access.

If you look at some of these pastors they are balling like a celebrity wearing expensive suits and shoes to church, I’m not saying you can’t look good or wear expensive clothing but make sure you can show the receipt. You can’t be balling and your congregation is struggling to make their ties. Pastors have to set an example and not make their congregation feel comfortable and don’t think anything.

How can the church be preaching on people living unGodly lifestyle partying, smoking and listening to unGodly music on Sunday, but will rent their hall out to these people to host their event right there in your church hall? because they can make a few bucks. What kind of example or you setting for our younger


I am really saddened by the way things are going around some of the churches and all the bad stuff that are taken places inside the church, it’s like no one safe at these places.

I applaud the ones that upkeep their culture and follow the scripture and upkeep the culture. keep doing the right thing.

I will close by saying just be more mindful when it comes to picking a place of worship, please do your research and even background check on the pastor, see what the church about and what they stand for, even see how they spend the money and if they can account for every penny.

Have a blessed day my fellow peeps😊😊

Social Media

I see a lot of articles and video floating around that social media is now the new outlet for people to cheat.

What do you think about this? Do you think this is true? Is social media opening doors to cheating? Is it true that people turn to the social outlet when they are having a problem in their relationship or looking for a little attention or fun?

I see a lot of people including celebrities have been caught sliding in a woman or even man DM striking up a conversation.

I believe ever since social media become popular, people seem to overshare information that backs in the days they would keep private with the world, but they will also get upset when people comments or share their opinion.

People seem to overshare like what they eating, where they’re at, even new relationship, an argument between each other and etc.

I find a lot of people do use social media outlet as a dating tool to pick up people. A lot of people seem to be more brave and confident when it comes to picking up each other. People believe they can know a lot about a person by their posts, pics and what seems to interest them.

A lot of people make a fake profile to cheat on each other that way they won’t get caught or they can use when they want attention. Some use social media to fill the void they are missing in your life or relationship.

Social media can open doors for a lot of things from bullying, stocking, crime and etc but I believe the biggest door is cheating because you can cheat as easily as right from the comfort of your home or even by sitting beside your lover. You just have to be very wise at what you do online and think before you post and who you entertain.

Do you think is right, what’s your thoughts my lovely 🤔🤔