Do we have to be a good Grammer writer or speak proper English in order to become a Blogger or Achieve your dream in life?

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I never met a strong person with an easy past.

The strongest person I know didn’t have an easy past. They have gone through the rut, the lowest of life. People always say why me, you should say try me. God doesn’t pick you to go thru whatever you’re going thru to hurt you or break you. He’s testing you to see if you’re ready for what’s coming in your life. So embrace the hard times, learn from hard times.

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When you see a beautiful tree, remember it was once a seed had to be nurtured and water in order for it to grow. Your body is just like a seed in order for it to grow you have to build it.

Your dream is like a seed, you have to first envision it, plant it, water it every day, nourish it and watch it grow. Nothing happens overnight it takes time, patient, determination, and love.You have it within you to be great. It’s the nature of law